Be constantly aware about the status of your mission critical equipment and infrastructure

Synapsecom has developed a solution that can keep you informed of the status of your equipment on a 24/7/365 basis. The critical equipment, within our data centers or within your own premises, that must remain operational for your activities will be monitored by the engineers of Synapsecom. You can choose the exact components to be monitored, such as equipment ports status (up/down), software, applications, websites or e-shops or even the facilities of your in-house computer room

All data are collected by special software which is installed and configured by Synapsecom and partners, in order to get all necessary alerts and logs while producing reports periodically.

In case of a fault, Synapsecom can provide either immediate alerting to your authorized contact person or even technical support for the prompt rectification of the problem.

  •  Monitor your electromechanical and IT equipment
  •  Special purpose platform developed for monitoring purposes
  •  Support on 24/7/365
  •  Option for fault rectification by experienced personnel
  •  Reporting of your activity for a pre-determined time period