High-Speed Connectivity Services

Simple and Reliable Internet Provider for Your Business
Flexible and high-performance connectivity solutions with nationwide coverage and 24/7 support. Our services include fiber, copper, and microwave links, ensuring high availability and symmetric data rates with guaranteed bandwidth. Additionally, we provide comprehensive monitoring and SLA guarantees to maintain the finest service quality for your business needs. ⚡
Synapsecom S.A. is a modern and innovative company activein the telecommunications, data center, cloud and information technology sectors.

Our Connectivity Solutions

Flexible Connectivity

Fiber optical, copper circuits, or microwave links based on your needs, delivered on Ethernet interface.

High Availability

Options for primary-backup configurations or single physical routes.

Comprehensive Coverage

Nationwide service through strategic partnerships for areas without fiber or copper availability.

High Performance

Symmetric data rates with guaranteed bandwidth (1:1 contention ratio).

Robust Datacenter Connections

Our datacenter boasts robust connections with leading providers, including Nova, Vodafone, Grid Telecom, Ote, Vestitel, Cogent, and Hurricane Electric. We are also linked to the GRIX-THES exchange and feature fiber and multiple 100G interconnections to the Balkan Gate, ensuring high-speed and reliable connectivity.

These extensive partnerships enhance our network resilience and performance, providing our clients with superior service and seamless data transfer capabilities.

Service Level Agreement

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Our SLA guarantees service quality, defining technical parameters and availability. If service quality or availability drops below agreed levels, penalties will be imposed to compensate the customer, as detailed in the framework agreement.
  • Service availability
  • Delivery delays (total unavailability only)
  • Packet loss
  • Round Trip Delay (RTD)
Synapsecom provides 24/7 NOC support, staffed by experienced engineers to monitor and address service issues.

Synapsecom Combats DDoS Attacks

Synapsecom has joined forces with Path Network to protect its infrastructure from DDoS attacks. Path's powerful mitigation platform and 12 Tbps global network capacity provide strong defense by filtering and stopping threats in real-time. The setup is quick and easy, requiring no extra hardware or software.

With Path's open-source security stack and 24/7 support, Synapsecom ensures maximum security and reliable assistance.

24/7 ICT & Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring customer equipment alerts at various locations including SNC-1 Thessaloniki, SNC-2 Athens, T1 SparkieDC, Telepoint datacenter Sofia, and customer facilities.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Synapsecom installs software to monitor equipment status, performing regular checks on servers, network equipment, interfaces, Layer 2 circuits, applications, websites, etc.

Alert Management

NOC receives alerts in case of unavailability and notifies customers based on agreed procedures. With customer permission, technicians can take necessary actions to restore service, billed as per the Technical Support price list.